Estimating Software Designed for Today’s Contractor

Estimating Software is to increase simplicity while minimizing waste and worry.

Estimating Software is to increase simplicity while minimizing waste and worry.

The purpose of technology is to make our lives easier, and more efficient. Perhaps no sector has experienced this truth as much as the finishing trades/manufacturers, where computers and software have often been inserted into the operational mix. But the human factor often still seems missing.

This gap between an intuitive approach to business and raw technology is what Doug Baxter, President of Prime Estimating & Software Services, and founder of Estimating Plugins,  has worked tirelessly to close for the better part of four decades. He hopes his latest efforts help woodworking businesses and finishing trades/manufacturers across North America increase simplicity while minimizing waste and worry.

By being the fastest and easiest to learn, Planswift is rated as the #1 takeoff estimating software that is available on the market today. It was through their open architecture that allowed others to design customized plugins for specialized trades and general tools, which in turn would be sold on their Plugin Store. Earlier last year Planswift was acquired by Oracle and a decision was made to close their Plugin Store.

“So I’ve used my experience in software and estimating to create tools that intuitively make things easier for finishing trades like painters and woodworkers, starting from estimating, but also touching upon other aspects of the wood industry — project, material and shop management — especially in the architectural woodwork and millwork sectors and spreading to the other trades.” – Doug Baxter

Prime is a provider of top-of-the-line estimating software and services, with offices in the US and Canada. The company’s mission is to is to provide value and efficiency in the costing, budgeting and bidding process for a broad cross-section of interests in the woodworking, construction and architectural sectors, and to integrate the estimating process into other components of business operations, including project, material and shop management.

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