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By being the fastest and easiest to learn, PlanSwift is rated as the #1 takeoff estimating software that is available on the market today. It was through Planswift's open architecture that allowed others to design customized plugins for specialized trades and general tools.

On Planswift's Partners List was Prime Estimating Software, a company that has designed a variety of plugins that can be used with PlanSwift. Unlike their competition that develop plugins based off of templates and lists, Prime's plugins for Planswift are procedure driven.

Developed by an estimator for estimators, you will immediately benefit by the ease of setup and use.

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Prime has developed a parametric style takeoff solution that will allow the User to select from User defined paint assemblies. The User will select a group of assemblies in each room such as perimeter walls, floor, ceiling, baseboard, crown molding, chair rail, etc. and from one optimizing by area return all the values as assigned in the library by square foot or lineal. Read More

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